Anonymous said:

Is it possible to buy a lightweight longboard deck for under 50?

If you want something not very good maybe? or a used deck I don’t think you’re going to find anything of much value for under 50 dollars

Anonymous said:

Hello, I am thinking of getting into this sport since now that I'm 16, but the problem is i don't know what to take, I want it to for transportation in the city, and maybe try to learn few tricks in the future, and something not too expensive, like, maybe under 150$ or less, can you help me? Also, is longboarding had? I've never tried it before but it looks easy easy in videos, like something I would learn in a day or two. I only know how to ride a bike and scooter, never tried skating before.

You really can’t just learn to longboard in a day or two maybe to physically ride a longboard yes, but longboarding is a constantly expanding thing you can always get better and I would argue that it’s not easy. Chec out the bustin maestro good commuter board.

waitingforafuneral said:

Hey I have a question. I may be getting a longboard today and my choices are a land yacht or a gold past. In your opinion, which is better?


make-it-layne said:

Heeeey, I'm back! Lol I have a question for you regarding paint... actually two. First, is there a way I could paint over the already painted surface? Like I just want to add stuff to the design that's already on the board. Also, Is there a clear coat that prevents scratches and stuff that I can get?

Likely you’d want to sand it just enough to take the paint off the. Repaint I don’t think you should bother with scratches it’s inevitable

Anonymous said:

I'm going to downsize to a shorter deck for easier cruising and traveling. Do you know any websites with cheap decks? I'm on a college-kid budget.

What’s your price range?

bencethewolf said:

Hi there :) i want to start long boarding but I don't know how. I only want to use it on the street, not these downhill stuff. What type of board do I need? I've seen a lot , but which one is the best for urban use only? thanks :) check out the push series maestro’s and ┬ásportsters make good all around and commuter boards.