Anonymous said:

Hi I was just wondering what you use to take the pictures and videos you have on here..

Originally the gopro hero 2 we recently picked up the 3

Anonymous said:

Okay so hi kinda need some help, its my boyfriends birthday in a couple months and he really likes longboarding so I thought I might buy him some new stuff like is this a good idea or not? Also is there any brands you would recommend? Like would it be best to get him some new trucks wheels or just like a new deck?

It’s really hard to say. I’d casually check out what kind of gear he rides and decide what your price range is before you go looking to get him a deck or other expensive gear and then go from there

childofthefang said:

any way you could post some safety tips? i had a nasty spill last year(re-located my elbow up into my bicep) and am just now recovered enough to get back on a board

Know your limits, push them but push them safely. Wear a helmet wear slide gloves and any other protection you may find necessary. If YOU feel uncomfortable doing a run DONT DO IT if it seems like a terrible idea because of this that or the other thing don’t. Always pre observe your runs, check your run out any obstacles traffic etc there is nothing worse than being surprised in a bad way on a run. Also if you feel you need a spotter USE ONE with this sport you simply cannot be too safe

stateslangham said:

Yo I think I skated with you guys today,

yessir if you were at pound ridge reservation

fran-cortez said:

How do you 180 hellswitch? Can you do it even if your board is heavy??

It’s literally the same as a 180 heelside slide in the opposite direction. Any board is slidable for the most part given your form is right. Doing anything switch is really a matter of re-learning the same trick with the opposite side of your body.


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