boardlongslidewell said:

Hey, so my crew and I are just getting onto the tumblr bandwagon, and we want to spread everything longboards. We ride Landyachtz and Bustin. We're sliding a lot, too. Any suggestions on how to gain followers?

Honestly we are amazed at the response that we got on tumblr just post your stuff. people love gifs and the more followers you get the more you’ll continue to get. we were stoked with 100 followers and we’re equally stoked with 4500 you’ll get followers eventually just go with the flow don’t worry about it and do your thing.

Anonymous said:

in your guys opinion what would you use for a nice surfy but still responsive commuter and some small downhill sliding kinda stuff, maestro 38, 34 or the yoface 35?

I dig the maestro but that’s totally up to personal preference

Anonymous said:

Is it possible to buy a lightweight longboard deck for under 50?

If you want something not very good maybe? or a used deck I don’t think you’re going to find anything of much value for under 50 dollars

Anonymous said:

Hello, I am thinking of getting into this sport since now that I'm 16, but the problem is i don't know what to take, I want it to for transportation in the city, and maybe try to learn few tricks in the future, and something not too expensive, like, maybe under 150$ or less, can you help me? Also, is longboarding had? I've never tried it before but it looks easy easy in videos, like something I would learn in a day or two. I only know how to ride a bike and scooter, never tried skating before.

You really can’t just learn to longboard in a day or two maybe to physically ride a longboard yes, but longboarding is a constantly expanding thing you can always get better and I would argue that it’s not easy. Chec out the bustin maestro good commuter board.

waitingforafuneral said:

Hey I have a question. I may be getting a longboard today and my choices are a land yacht or a gold past. In your opinion, which is better?


make-it-layne said:

Heeeey, I'm back! Lol I have a question for you regarding paint... actually two. First, is there a way I could paint over the already painted surface? Like I just want to add stuff to the design that's already on the board. Also, Is there a clear coat that prevents scratches and stuff that I can get?

Likely you’d want to sand it just enough to take the paint off the. Repaint I don’t think you should bother with scratches it’s inevitable